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LaOpala Diva Citron Weave Dinner Set (19 Pc)

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Product Specifications:
• Brand : LaOpala
• Material : Ceramic/ Opalware
• Feature : Eco-Friendly
• Description : Globally Inspired Collection Set of 19 Pcs
• Design : White Base with Floral Patterns
• Style : Creative
• Microwave Safe : Yes
• Freezer Safe : Yes
• Dishwasher Safe : Yes
• Type : Dinnerware Sets
• Origin : Made in France

Product Special Features:
• Consists of 19 high quality dinner set items.
• Crafted from superior quality Opal glass.
• Break resistant, scratch resistance, super white and super light.
• Ideal for serving lunch or dinner for up to 6 people.
• Package Contents: 6-Pieces Full Plates (25cm). 6-Pieces Quarter Plates (18cm), 6-Pieces Vegetable Bowls (170 ml), 1-Piece Medium Serving Bowl (1.5 L)

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Diva’s newest collection, the Classique Collection, comprises of an exquisite range of tableware that stands out for its striking milky white glaze and consumer friendly properties like being microwave friendly, chip resistant, bone ash free, dish washer safe and having greater resistance to impact and thermal shock. But its Classique Collection’s exquisitely chic international designs that makes owning it the ultimate reason of pride.

La Opala, since its inception in 1988, has held the reputation as the pioneers of Opal glass technology in India. For many years it has been the No. 1 tableware brand in India. The pride of the brand rests in being the most consumers friendly, due to which it has touched the hearts of millions with a determined vision to elevate their lifestyles.

In its endeavor to service the consumers, it has created one of the widest distribution networks in the country. To offer a wide range to all socio economic groups, over a period of time many brands and product variants have been created. Moreover La Opala’s well-developed incisive R&D expertise, and evolved design teams have successfully created the most elegant products and stylish designs to satisfy the constantly growing aesthetic standards.
In 2008, La Opala introduced its most fashionable range of opalware, Diva that ranks amongst the finest in the world. A perfect blend of international sophistication and everyday practicalities, Diva stands out not only for its Milky White Glaze and Eco Friendly property, but also for its exquisitely chic designs.

Advanced technology and process used for tempering ensures far greater resistance to impact and thermal shock making the wares Microwave Safe, Chip Resistant and Dishwasher Safe.

In an unlikely event of breakage, Diva products shatter into harmless fragments, in contrast to the regular glassware. Moreover as the products are made of glass, they are non-porous and don’t retain any micro-organisms which could lead to bacterial contamination.

Enhanced whiteness is an outstanding feature of the Diva collection. Finest quality of chemical components goes into manufacturing this product to enhance the subtle glow of opal, making it whiter.

The chemical components used in manufacturing do not contain any Bone Ash as such it is 100% Vegetarian.

Weight 4 kg

19 Pcs Dinner Set


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